Mutual clients of custody giant BNY Mellon and Danish system provider Simcorp are target, as the two launch a collaboration to optimize data integration with open architecture, enabling more automation.

Settlement, safekeeping and cash and securities services are among those services by BNY Mellon that its clients should be able to handle with full efficiency inside the Simcorp Dimension platform, going forward.

Monday, the two companies announced their partnership “to deliver optimized data integration and transparency through open architecture”.


“The new connectivity provides mutual clients globally with enhanced operational efficiency and transparency in core investment processes, more efficient enterprise risk management, and increased speed to market for on-boarding,” the two parties promise in their press release.

In line with “front-to-back” trend

Simcorp refers to its solution as an “integrated front-to-back investment management system”.

“By delivering enhanced automation, the solution will lead to higher reconciliation match rates. This allows portfolio managers, operations teams and risk professionals across the buy-side to gain sharpened insights into the deployment of cash and securities,” the press release adds.