Add an audience poll to your 360° speaking session

Make your presentation interactive – it is easy and fun! Here is how.

You easily set up your questions on the platform called Mentimeter, which is free for the purpose. Then we make sure it is shown by the tech crew during your speaking session. Inform us in good time, then send us the link to your ready-to-go Mentimeter presentation no later than 3 days before your session. You may run both a Powerpoint and a Mentimeter presentation in parallel, as long as you give us good notice time.

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• Log in, or create a free account.

Go to If you already have a Mentimeter account, you can log in:

If you don’t, go to and sign up for a free account:

• Create your Mentimeter presentation. It is quite intuitive, but there are also instructions on the platform and you can contact us for personal support if you‘d appreciate it. Set up your questions (and response alternatives, if you do multiple-choice, like most do). Don’t worry about detailed settings, we’ll generally manage those ourselves.

• When your Mentimeter presentation is ready, click “Share” in the top right corner:

• Go to the “Editors” tab and click “Copy link” where it says “Anyone with the link can view”:

• Send your presentation link to the 360° team at least 3 days before the event. If possible, please mail it to the cryptical-looking address that is specific to your participation at the event. Keep the presentation on your Mentimeter account as a back-up.