Join us as a speaker

With its historical roots going back decades in the Nordics, PostTrade 360° currently hosts yearly conferences in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo and Amsterdam. We are curious to have you join us on stage!

Speakers join in from a variety of viewpoints in the landscape, and for various reasons. Some represent sponsor companies who seek to give the community a deeper picture of their role and insights. Others speak on a non-commercial basis, perhaps to kick off rewarding discussion and networking with others who share their current post-trade challenges. Still others for the sheer fun – or personal development – of being on stage!

The performances are then made available to our audience – in the room and/or digitally. Since 2020, we stream and record sessions as videos, and have published many also on our news site. (In certain cases we agree with sponsors that they can publish sessions with their own branding.) Publication could be more or less open or restricted depending on various considerations. Let us know if you see reasons for publication restrictions in your case, preferably in advance. We are usually highly flexible with regard to our speakers’ wishes around this. We acknowledge that your insight is the ultimate foundation of our business!

If we edit your session into a video, we will be happy to provide you with an embed code snippet that enables you to easily publish it on your own company’s website too. (Note that we normally do not distribute the actual video files, though, these stay on our hosting service.) Add to this our frequent writing of LinkedIn posts and news articles, and you have a recipe for making your expertise shared and visible among a community that truly enjoys when it gets specific.

Make yourself comfortable

Some speakers are experienced with being on stage, but you should know that many are not. We are here to support you and make you feel comfortable in either case! Yes, we are able to discuss any little detail with you – but never lose the big picture: We want you for who you are and for your insights! Take that deep breath and just enjoy diving deep into your topic.

Joining remotely? Make a test call

If you have an agreement to speak remotely, over a video-call platform such as Teams, we ask you to prepare by making a short test call with us. This bookable calendar lets you pick a slot at your own convenience. Don’t miss the green “Book it” button bottom right, and you should receive a confirmation by email within minutes.

We welcome any question! Find our contact details here.