Euronext Securities has rolled out its new unified corporate actions service, leveraging a platform specifically designed to oversee corporate actions throughout their lifecycle. With this platform, customers can manage corporate actions across all Euronext CSDs.

“The service tackles post-trade fragmentation in Europe as customers will be able to process corporate actions more efficiently through a single, harmonised platform across markets”, explains Euronext in a press release.

The platform has been developed in collaboration with software provider Vermeg and initially launched on 8 April for Portuguese fixed income securities. The service is set to expand to Danish fixed income securities later this year, with plans to cover all asset classes across Euronext Securities’ markets by the end of 2025.


Euronext notes that the service fully complies with corporate actions standards and relevant legislation, including the Shareholder Rights Directive II, signaling a “significant advancement towards strengthening the Capital Markets Union”.