Minsait, a subsidiary of technology consultancy firm Indra has launched a trial for wholesale central bank digital currency (wCBDC), reports Ledger Insights. The trial will explore “using a wCBDC to settle the issuance and secondary market transactions of a natively digital bond”. Unique to the experiment is “the involvement of a simulated CSD, with transactions involving CSD participants”.

The bond and the wCBDC simulated in the trial will exist on the same blockchain infrastructure to enable delivery versus payment. Additionally, all lifecycle events, from coupon payments to bond redemption, will be covered.

This project marks the third wCBDC trial that has been acknowledged – but not funded – by Spain’s cantral bank. It will run for five months alongide two other experiments, which were announced in January this year – one by Fnality’s technology partner Adhara for a wCBDC infrastructure and the other by Cecabank and Abanca for settling tokenised securities with wCBDCs.