The challenges posed by Brexit and the upcoming go-live of the CSDR settlement discipline regime were among the topics, as a wireside chat took place between EuroCCP’s Cécile Nagel and Nasdaq’s Roland Chai in the PostTrade 360° Stockholm conference.

“What I am a little bit worried about is that, as an industry, we haven’t made full use of the delay. We are again less than a year away from the new date. We’ve got the added challenge of the UK going one way and Europe potentially going another way,” said EuroCCP’s CEO Cécile Nagel, interviewed by Nasdaq’s group chief risk officer Roland Chai.

You find the following sections of the video through the menu icon or as white dots in the player bar.
• The Brexit impact
• New challenges
• Clarity or costs? EMIR and CSDR in play
• Ready or not – for the discipline regime?
• Managing covid-19