Wednesday morning will host the opening of this year’s two-day PostTrade 360 Copenhagen conference. The perfect catchup on regulation, and business trends – and rich on radical technology eye-openers. Will we see you there?

24 content slots, 29 speakers … and we haven’t even mentioned the breaks and the Wednesday five o’clock mingle …

SEB’s Sandra Holmqvist will be hosting the PostTrade 360 Copenhagen event, which carries on through Thursday afternoon. It takes place at Axelborg, opposite Tivoli in central Copenhagen.


Gets a kick-start

Already before the first coffee breaks, delegates will be presented with a post-trade industry keynote (by Swen Werner of State Street), a technology keynote (by Johann Palychata who is head of blockchain with BNP Paribas Securities Services) – and a fireside chat on Denmark’s market challenges with Niels Olsen, head of the country’s CSD, VP Securities.

The agenda and speaker list can be found on the main event page, where late deciders are still welcome to sign up.

Some brief posts throughout the days will be dropped on our LinkedIn page, and some news pieces here at the PostTrade 360 news site.