Bank hopes its global custody services will outshine competitors, by letting its buy-side middle office clients use its own leading investment banking tech platform, Global Custodian writes.

Trade processing, as well as lifecycle and collateral management for a wide range of asset classes, are among the services that JP Morgan seeks to enhance by expanding the use case for its investment banking platform, according to the Global Custodian article.

Beyond just operational

“Our middle-office services are leveraging a lot of the technology we use in the investment bank and our own trading desks, enabling us to be able to build and offer what we call our ‘Strategic Middle Office’ capabilities,” says Teresa Heitsenrether, global head of securities services at JP Morgan, to Global Custodian.

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Demand for outsourcing services

According to the article, JP Morgan’s custody and fund services business has, already since a number of years, had a focus on expanding the middle-office capabilities. This is said to reflect demand from asset managers who wish to outsource their middle-office functions, under pressure on fees and operations.

Among the systems used by JP Morgan, Global Custodian mentions its internal trading and risk management platform Athena, and middle- and back-office software from Arcesium.