Cloud computing host Amazon Web Services, together with DLT-based infrastructure provider SETL, has published a blog post detailing how it accomplished a throughput of 1 million transactions per second in a recent demonstration of a financial transaction network that could cross-connect the industry.

Since summer 2021 we have noted (here and here) the efforts by companies including SETL to develop what is referred to as a Regulated Liability Network (RLN). Based on a proposal by Citi’s Tony McLaughlin, for a “regulated internet of value”, it would form a single interoperable network for a broad range of digital assets so that these could easily be cross-exchanged (such as securities delivered versus cash payment) – although each digital asset would need to have a regulated issuer backing it up as a liability.

The new AWS blog post is written by Erica Salinas, who is principle technical program manager and leader of the company’s public-sector digital asset initiatives, and Jack Iu, global solutions architect at AWS Financial Services.

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“This post discusses the technical implementation of the simulated network. We show how scaling characteristics were achieved, while maintaining the business requirements of atomicity and finality. We also discuss how each RLN component was optimized for high performance,” they summarise.

Illustration: AWS