Singapore-based fintech firm STACS was picked in late October to support the proof-of-concept phase, as Deutsche Bank Securities Services targets the next level of capabilities in the digital assets space.

In the bank’s own words, the scope of the now-announced collaboration is “to jointly explore a proof-of-concept related to the technological and practical feasibility of digital assets interoperability, liquidity, cross-border connectivity, and smart contract templates, including the support of sustainability-themed digital bonds”.

The proof-of-concept grant is part of the innovation scheme under a fund administered by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.


“Investors will increasingly need to custodize their digital assets, ensure settlement finality, and have confidence in their safekeeping and security with the support of a bank’s institutional infrastructure. As a result, we see a clear place for an integrated platform that can service cross-border issuer-investor needs in Singapore and around the world,” says Jeslyn Tan, global head of product management at Deutsche Bank Securities Services, in the press release.

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