After 9 years as chief executive officer of Danish system provider SimCorp, Klaus Holse (left) will hand his chair over to Christian Kromann (right) – the company’s chief operating officer since two years. The shift will take place on SimCorp’s 50th birthday, 2 September.

“In the first five decades SimCorp only had three CEOs, so changing the CEO is not something we take lightly,” incumbent Klaus Holse stresses in a LinkedIn post. He cites growth of both revenue and EBIT at over 250 percent during his nine-year tenure of his post.

His successor Christian Kromann comes from a risk management background with Unibank/Nordea before holding senior positions with software group Sungard from 1999 to 2016. After three years as CEO of Danish insurance-industry system provider Tia Technology, he then joined SimCorp as COO in 2019.

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Klaus Holse now stays on the management committee until year-end, then as senior advisor throughout half of 2022. “The future will bring more board work and more investments in start-ups. It will also bring more time for family, travel, golf and running,” he envisions.