Product managers at HSBC Securities Services take a shot at summarizing the impact of CSDR on asset owners and managers – the buy side. Find their report here. 

In the long chain of actors that are affected by the EU’s Central securities depositories regulation (CSDR), the buy-side finds itself near the middle. The parts of the regulation that touch them most directly are the settlement discipline regime (SDR), the segregation and disclosure rules and the regulation on internalised settlement. 

This is established in the introductory graph of HSBC’s fresh publication “Central Securities Depositories Regulation – Impacts on the buy-side” – a report prepared by securities services product managers Paul Baybutt, Isman Sadiq and Michael Inglis. You can download the full report as a 17 pdf. 

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“We explain why, how and what CSDR is about, focusing particularly on settlement efficiency,” Paul Baybutt comments on his LinkedIn page

(Photo: Timothy Eberly / Unsplash)