Securities services is risky business, and perhaps now more than ever, as age-old challenges such as credit, liquidity, and compliance risks are joined by a new threat – cyber security risk. Join Emma Johnson of JP Morgan and Karen Zeeb of the International Securities Services Association (ISSA) at the upcoming PostTrade 360° Nordic 2024 conference as they discuss the new and emerging risks within the securities services value chain and how best to manage them.

On stage on 5 September for the session titled “Securities services risks (with ISSA)”, Johnson and Zeeb will take a look at the best practices for mitigating securities services risks as recommended by the Securities Services Risks Working Group set up by ISSA. The session aims to provide education and awareness for market participants within the current context.

Emma Johnson is Executive Director, Securities Services Global Custody Industry Development, JP Morgan.
Karen Zeeb is COO and Company Secretary, ISSA.


• The consolidated PostTrade 360° Nordic conference, in Stockholm on 4–5 September 2024, is planned to host 1,000+ delegates. 
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