$3bn was freed up at the NSCC, and America’s move in May to the shorter settlement cycle looks successful. But how have our European firms done, and how should we operate going forward? In Stockholm on 4 September, meet these famous industry profiles representing banks and custodians as well as CSDs. Secure your free ticket today, and invite your colleagues to join.

With few reports of trouble, and over 3 billion dollars seemingly freed up overnight from the collateral chests of US clearinghouse NSCC (so, a quarter of 12 in total), America’s late-May move to its shorter settlement cycle appears to have been, overall, a success.

But let’s get more specific – and more European! How have our firms, in various roles, navigated the new process requirements and what have been their outcomes? Have some approaches paid off better than others? And what will be the right things to do for the operation of your own business, going forward? Meet this panel of absolute top industry seniors, moderated by AFME’s Pete Tomlinson and representing different links along the chain from banks to securities services providers and infrastructure operators.


Pete is joined on stage by … 
Emma Johnson, Executive Director, JP Morgan,
Alan Cameron, Head of Advisory FIC Client Line, BNP Paribas,
Dirk Loscher, CEO of Clearstream Banking AG., and
William Hodash, Working Group Coordinator, International Securities Services Association (ISSA).

The new format of the PostTrade 360° conference allows us to go deeper than ever into the systemic details. While this session looks at the European effects of the T+1 move made in America, also don’t miss this other session that looks into the probability of a shift to T+1 settlement in Europe’s own markets.

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