Implemented, but not fully adopted across the industry – that’s the current state of ISO 20022. A panel of experts will gather at the upcoming PostTrade 360° Nordic 2024 conference to discuss the common barriers to the implementation of the new standard in securities markets, how adoption can be encouraged, and best practices for migration. Join us to find out more – have you gotten your tickets to the event yet?

The International Securities Services Association (ISSA) has set up a working group that aims to help organisations with the transition. Learn how you can best navigate the transition on 5 September in the panel titled “How markets should adopt ISO 20022 in securities services”. A group of experts will sit down to share their experiences with the migration to the new standard and examine the findings of ISSA’s working group.

Alex Dockx, Executive Director, Industry Development, JP Morgan
Juliette Kennel, Global Head of Standards, Swift
Giles Elliott, Head of Business Development, Capital Markets, TCS

Colin Parry, CEO, ISSA


• The consolidated PostTrade 360° Nordic conference, in Stockholm on 4–5 September 2024, is planned to host 1,000+ delegates. 
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