After receiving Dutch regulatory approvals in July, the Cboe group has scheduled the launch of its new European derivatives trading and clearing for 6 September. For EuroCCP, the pan-European clearing house acquired by Cboe in 2020, it means a big step beyond the cash equities domain it has covered so far.

Through a Dutch entity, Chicago-based Cboe has been authorized in the Netherlands to operate a regulated market for equity index futures and options. It will be regulated by the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). In parallell, EuroCCP has been permitted by the nation’s central bank to clear the equity derivatives.

“This marks a watershed moment in EuroCCP’s growth strategy, as it diversifies beyond cash equities and becomes a truly multi-asset class clearing house. We look forward to supporting Cboe Europe Derivatives in helping to bring efficiencies and cost savings to participants in Europe’s equity derivatives market, particularly through portfolio margining,” says EuroCCP president Cécile Nagel in the group’s press release.

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