The PostTrade 360° Nordic conference, in Stockholm on 4–5 September, is way into three-digit territory in the number of speakers and the schedule is near ready – still, the list keeps growing. Have you noted all these eight experts? Don’t miss out, get prepping on your “My schedule”,  so your planning is all done by the time you start booking meetings, and then hit the Waterfront. 

Juliette Kennel, Global Head of Standards, Swift – helps us all get to grips with the ISO 20022 messaging standard, starting from its promises of new efficiencies. Panel session here

Arne Martin Moen, Chief Operating Officer, Storebrand Asset Management – discusses big-picture system strategies. When is it right for an institution to take an all-in-one approach to vendors’ offers, and when is it better to pick-and-mix functionalities from best-of-breed specialists? Panel session here 

PostTrade 360 Nordic 2024

Katie Renouf, Senior Vice President, Global Investment Management Distribution, Mesirow – looks into the challenge of accelerated foreign-exchange transactions, needed to settle securities transaction as settlement cycles get shorter. Panel session here

Mark Gem, Chairperson of the Risk Comittee, Clearstream, goes on stage for the authoritative take on financial crime compliance – joined by his ISSA fellows Karen Zeeb (ISSA’s COO) and Olivier Goffard (Chief Financial Crime Compliance Officer, Euroclear SA/NV). Panel session here

Sachin Mohindra, Executive Director, Goldman Sachs – discusses the prospects of a T+1 settlement cycle also in the UK and EU, and what it would mean for market participants’ operations. Panel session here 

Elisabet Jamal Bergstrom, Head of Sustainability and Communication, SEB Asset Management – will be one of the panellists discussing the current conundrum for asset managers when it comes to ESG data. Panel session here

• The consolidated PostTrade 360° Nordic conference, in Stockholm on 4–5 September 2024, is planned to host 1,000+ delegates. 
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