Artificial intelligence (AI), data, and cloud might just be the three biggest buzzwords in fintech today. On paper, they offer many possibilities in post-trade operations. But is the picture in actual application within the private asset sector as rosy? Matthew Goldblatt and Lidia Jast of JP Morgan will take a closer look at the PostTrade 360° Nordic 2024 conference. See them on stage – get your free tickets to the event now.

Like all tools, the full potential of these technologies can only be realised when applied to appropriate use cases and with best practices. On 4 September, Goldblatt and Jast will discuss how to best leverage AI, data, and cloud in the session titled “The operational gains from AI, data, and cloud use cases in a private assets post-trade ecosystem”.

Matthew Goldblatt is Head of Investment Operations Solutions Sales EMEA and APAC, JP Morgan.
Lidia Jast is Head of Sales, Securities Services, Sweden, JP Morgan.


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