Fund solutions provider Wahlstedt Sageryd and Euroclear Sweden are initiating collaboration to enable automated order handling for funds, by making it all digital.

Instant execution and minimised room for mistakes are the purpose as the two Swedish companies announce their new joint initiative.

“By integrating the systems of Euroclear Sweden and Wahlstedt Sageryd, and automating the fund order flow, we take another step towards a safer and more efficient fund market,” says Wahlstedt Sageryd CEO Linnéa Wahlstedt in a press release.


“Already when our company was founded, our vision was, and it still is today, to make the finance industry and the capital management process digital and more efficient. Here and now we are focusing on the fund market and the order handling of fund companies.”

The real-time nature of the automated transactions is also intended to improve transparency and follow-up, corresponding to needs that come with tightening regulations.

“Through the collaboration, Euroclear Sweden continues to digitalise the Swedish fund market and can offer connected distributors an even broader range of funds. With our fund platform we make it possible for actors with different systems to reach each other in a standardised way,” says Anders Löfgren, head of business development at Euroclear Sweden.

“Next, we want to be able to offer automated fund transitions for our customers.”

Image: Anders Löfgren, Euroclear, och Linnea Wahlstedt, Wahlstedt Sageryd.