Yes, embracing the new normal is a learning process – and we know that the PostTrade 360° Web Summit on Wednesday 3 June will be the first such event for many of us. But no need to worry! Downloading Chrome is a good preparation to guarantee full functionality, otherwise you just open the conference page in your browser. But take this sneak peak at the platform if you are curious.

It is not necessary to prepare – you can take it all as it comes on the 3 June. Everything will play out on the conference site at

The platform we use is called Hopin. If you would still prefer to make yourself acquainted with the system in advance, this 10-minute introduction video will have you settled. 


The environment is structured just like a physical conference venue, making it easy to move around. There is a reception, a stage, sessions, networking area and expo.

All this said, the system is optimised for the Google Chrome browser (downloadable here), preferably on a laptop with a webcam, so you may find it smoother to interact with your colleagues if you have had time to pre-install it. You can download and use Google Chrome on Iphones and Ipads too, possibly working better than the default Safari browser. Else just go with the gadget or browser you favour – most functions will work as long as you are with us!

To make the most of the day, you may want to look at the agenda in advance. The day starts and ends in plenary sessions, but before and after lunch sessions run in break-out tracks, up to four in parallel. They follow tracks for each of four categories: infrastructure, regulation, fund administration and technology. You can move freely between sessions – and the best thing: if you wish to follow two clashing sessions you will be able to play back video recordings of them all afterwards, here on PostTrade 360°.

So how can I plan my own schedule for the day?

You may want to look at two different pages:
• The Hopin conference page, where the Web Summit takes place, features a practical scheduling function. The event starts at 8:55 CEST on Wednesday morning, 3 June.
• However, it may well be easier to get an overview of agenda and speakers at our general event page (at a site called Confetti).

Am I expected to follow the whole day or can I cherry-pick single sessions?

You come and go entirely as you like! That said, our ambition has been to produce a program so rich it will be natural for post-trade pros and their organisations to book the full day in their calendars. We hope it will invoke a sense of sharing a unique community experience debut.

Will I need to participate personally, with my computer’s camera and mic switched on?

No, this is entirely up to you! We encourage all delegates to actively connect with others, using their cameras, mics and/or chat functionality a lot – to enhance the experience of a vibrant community event. But if you prefer to just watch sessions invisibly, you are just as welcome!

On the “Stage” (where the plenaries are held), delegates cannot make themselves visible and heard, but in the other rooms they can – if they wish.

Will you serve food?

Now that’s a challenge as delegates call in remotely from their homes across the world – but we are giving it our best shot! Star chef Gennaro Contaldo will participate from London, starting 4:00 pm, to guide us all to a perfect dish of home made pasta! See this article for a list of the ingredients and equipment that you will need to have at hand.

The virus conundrum has lead PostTrade 360° to transform itself from a physical-events organizer (long well-established in the Nordics) into the host of this ambitious web conference event. We already love the upside to this: For post-trade professionals across Europe and the world, this means you can be with us on the day without any conference fee or travel costs. Spread the word to your colleague!

Make sure you grab your free ticket today, if you have not already, for our 3 June 2020 full-day online event! With a week to go, nearly 600 professionals have already signed up.

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