The PostTrade 360° Web Summit, on Wednesday 3 June 2020, will finish in what we bet is a first for the community. Or what would you call a guided cooking session, in your kitchen, with possibly the most prominent Italian pasta cook in the world! These are the ingredients you will be needing.

While the virus prevents us from travelling and meeting physically, we at PostTrade 360° refuse to let it stop us all from having the most delicious dinner together at the end of the full-day Web Summit on 3 June.

Be sure you join in for a lovely pasta dish – via the web from your own kitchen, as the final session of the PostTrade 360° Web Summit debut. We will update you in good time on the list of ingredients that you will be needing. London-Italian chef celebrity Gennaro Contaldo – hailed by his friend and colleague Jamie Oliver as “an absolute legend” – stands ready to guide us all to that perfect bowl. And why not take the opportunity to share the experience with your family and friends? Don’t say we’re not seeing challenges as opportunities!

PostTrade 360 Nordic 2024

In many places, including Northern Europe, home-made pasta is beyond everyday cooking. But fear not if you don’t have the exact tools, or your shop does not exactly have wheat flour of “00” type – just join in with what you find and enjoy the freshness! Here goes the list:


(4 servings)

200 gr type “00” pasta flour (+ extra for rolling out)

2 x large free-range organic eggs

500 gr cherry tomatoes or small baby plum tomatoes

A couple of garlic cloves


Extra virgin olive oil

A handful of fresh basil


Clean work surface or large bowl to mix pasta dough

Small domestic pasta machine or rolling pin

Sharp knife

Saucepan to cook pasta

Frying pan to cook sauce

Wooden spoon


Read more about Gennaro on his home page.

(Image: detail from cover of Gennaro’s book “Pasta Perfecto!”)

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