[VIDEO] Some years ago, Nordic custodian SEB took the step to lean operationally on a close collaboration with American industry colleague Brown Brothers Harriman. Putting it up was a challenge – but running it from day to day is an art too. A PostTrade 360° Helsinki session looked into it.

Niklas Nyberg, head of institutional global custody at SEB, led discussion with three of his SEB colleagues, in a session labelled “A successful strategic partnership – Part 2 : Monitor and govern”:
Catharina Buresten, Head of Risk Management, Investor Services,
Susanne Öhrn, Information Security and Cyber Risk Manager, 
Martin Axelsson, Senior Legal Counsel.

To have their full story, enjoy the full-session video from their similar discussion at the recent PostTrade 360° Copenhagen conference here.

PostTrade 360 Nordic 2024

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