[VIDEO] A dedicated innovation office is CSD group Euroclear’s way to guarantee its own agility as technology rushes forward. PostTrade 360° Helsinki saw its director Alexander Sulaimani describe its approach – encouraging employees to feel that the world is full of opportunities that can be taken home and cultivated.

“We were a platform business before platform businesses were sexy,” says Alexander Sulaimani.

In the Helsinki conference he was accompanied by his Euroclear fellow Pedro Faleiro Silva.


Emphasising a history of innovation in the company is one part of Alexander Sulaimani’s way of stimulating innovation in the Euroclear group. But the other half of the message is that there can be no resting on the laurels. Progress out there needs to be internalised, not looked at from a distance.

One piece of the work has been a “hackathon” to produce demonstrators of promising concepts.

“People have to see that this is not innovation theatre,” says Alexander Sulaimani.

The methods applied at Euroclear are generally in line with “lean startup” concepts.

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