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Last year, Niklas Nyberg of SEB (pictured) gripped many with the story behind his bank’s strategic custody partnership with Brown Brothers Harriman, BBH. This year will feature the next chapter: how to structure the monitoring of the shared processes in a diligent and efficient way. 

“Many financial institutions have outsourced functions and/or processes, or are contemplating doing so,” says Niklas Nyberg, who will lead a discussion with SEB colleagues who are specialised in risk and legal: Catharina BurestenSusanne Öhrn and Martin Axelsson

“In the light of this, SEB’s experience and knowledge within the area of governing and monitoring could be of interest for others.” 

Decentralised finance is growing

Johann Palychata, head of partnerships and new platforms at BNP Paribas Securities Services, will present a look at the rise of decentralized finance, ”DeFi”. Some months ago, he wrote an article “to challenge the current focus on tokenization of real-world assets such as cash, securities or real estate and suggest that Decentralised Finance, also known as #DeFi, holds more promises in the short term and should be the area to watch”. 

A current craze in the market for cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, takes the new asset classes to levels where institutional investors and their custodians cannot ignore them. In the conference, hear Michael Sonnenshein, CEO of cryptocurrency fund manager Grayscale Investments, which scored an inflow of 3 billion dollars in the final three months of 2020. He is joined on the virtual stage by his trading operations provider, Michael Moro of Genesis, in a talk led by Olivia Vinden of Alpha Financial Markets Consulting.

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