[VIDEO] Yes, young people who can’t afford a full share in popular American stocks such as Tesla is an important user group. But, according to Niek van Rens, COO of Dutch fractionalisation pioneer BUX, there is a broader mindset shift going on across the full investor community: We go from buying a desired number of shares to investing a desired amount of money.

Niek van Rens took part in the PostTrade 360° Amsterdam conference on Thursday (10 November), interviewed by Wail Azizi, Chief Strategy Officer, Equiduct.

Niek van Rens likened our new investment thinking to the situation when we go to the flower shop for a bouquet – not a fixed number of flowers.

PostTrade 360 Nordic 2024

The panel was labeled “Down to atoms – How lower transaction fees and asset fractionalisation make the smallest investors a big player”.

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