A new survey shows strong trust in the ability of the Nordic/Baltic region to generate great fintech ideas. Yet greater bank openness to partnerships would help realise the opportunities.

With Mastercard and auditing firm BDO as sponsors, the new ”Nordic Fintech Disruptors Report” tries to lay out the path to fintech industry success for the Nordics and Baltics. It is produced by Magnacarta and Fintech Mundi.

Centres on open banking

Like much of the general fintech industry, the report has its emphasis on applications enabled by open banking and PSD2 progress.

PostTrade 360 Nordic 2024

According to the report, 68 percent of respondents express confidence in the region as home to great ideas – 14 units up from the 2018 edition.

More capital on wish list

67 percent of the respondents believe that to realise its potential, the region needs greater access to investor capital. This number was 24 percentage points higher than a year earlier. And 52 percent express that greater openness to partnering will help the region in the global competition.