VIDEO | For many of us, certain AI-powered software releases for public use have led to a flood of computer-created content in our social-media accounts in this last year, as the outcome is often spectacular. Yet, according to futurist Mats Lewan on stage in Stockholm, we should be careful to distinguish between where it will help us and what we must still do ourselves as humans.

Mats Lewan’s session was titled “The past year’s gigantic leap for AI in the public eye, and where we should go now”. It seemed timely, as a long line of other speakers through the conference had made references to chatbot ChatGPT, released to the public a few months ago.

On a massive scale, servers and laptops are now churning out human-style texts (such as by ChatGPT), images (Stable Diffusion), and video. (Some months into life with ChatGPT, it is already common that school kids let it write their hand-ins, with schools and universities struggling to detect the difference.) Even artificially composed music is spreading commercially and, since some years, general AI beats dedicated chess computers at chess. 


Watch the session video here!

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