VIDEO AND POLL RESULTS | Price pressure and disruption of the market structures are among the challenges to actors in the securities services space, yet new growth paths are emerging. Polling the audience of PostTrade 360° Stockholm on Thursday morning, Colin Parry, CEO of industry association ISSA, drew the trend lines. Find the slides with the poll answers at the bottom of this article.

Not only technology is changing fast, so is the behaviour of investors. Service requirements, asset flows and demographic elements are all among the factors shaking the floor.

“If you can’t deal with the margin compression, you’re out of the business,” said Colin Parry, hosting Thursday’s opening morning session to highlight the key trends and drivers that set the frame for what we do as service users or providers. With a long list of live poll questions for the audience in the room, he could tap fresh and local data to do so.

Colin’s reign as CEO of the International Securities Services Association (ISSA) since 2019 has seen it reinforce its role, and its list of executive board members reads as a who’s-who of the global industry. His background before that includes 24 years with UBS.

Under the fee pressure on traditional securities services, providers have done their best to expand their offers of adjacent value-adding services and get paid for doing so, while constraining the expense lines. However, there are a number of forces shaping the industry which offer both hope and challenges to the profitability of the industry. ISSA is revising a seminal paper from 2020 – so Colin took the opportunity to engage the audience on those macro forces.

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