With the digital transformation that is currently sweeping through the industry, resilience and scalability are the two words on everyone’s lips. How can organisations harness technology while avoiding its pitfalls? On stage at the upcoming PostTrade 360° Nordic 2024 conference, Steve Taylor and Adam Watson will give insights into how BNY Mellon manages this balance for its clients. Join them – get your free tickets to the event now.

On the one hand, technology can transform, streamline, and scale our operations; on the other hand, it can become the weakest link in the chain, the gateway through which vulnerable systems are exposed to cyber risks.

In his role at BNY Mellon, Watson is responsible for developing new technology solutions for custody for some of the biggest global banks. Taylor has helped some of the world’s largest financial services firms take charge of their data, modernising their operations to adapt to changing market conditions. They will share their expertise on 4 September in the session titled “Optimising your operating model for resiliency and scalability”.


Steve Taylor is Head of Product, Data and Analytics, BNY Mellon.
Adam Watson is Global Head Commercial Product – Custody, BNY Mellon.

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