When it comes to applying agile methodologies in asset and wealth management operations … forget quick solutions, but do explore the possibilities that could be there with an effort. A morning panel of Wednesday’s PostTrade 360° Amsterdam conference took a dive into what it takes to succeed.

Agility in asset management operations can be really interesting – if you manage to get beyond all the talk.

A particular warning was issued against viewing agile as a one-size-fits-all [problems] approach. That could backfire in the organization. Calling yourself “agile” just because you apply a couple of the methods is another danger that was stressed.

The discussion was led by Kevin O’Shaughnessy, Head of Digital and Agile transformation practise, AlphaFMC, and also featuring …
David Versteeg, Chief Digital Officer, Van Lanschot Kempen, and
Peter Strikwerda, Global head of Digitalization and Innovation, APG.

Peter Strikwerda pointed out the highly important role of the “liaison” people – the ones who speak the languages both of business and IT.

“IT people normally get these methodologies, business people don’t,” he pointed out, bluntly.

The speakers were united in advocating a pragmatic approach rather than an evangelical one:

“Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good. First get it working,” said David Versteeg.

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