The updated scenario report for Dutch post trade formed the platform for a Wednesday morning panel at the PostTrade 360° Amsterdam conference.

The scenario thinking of Dutch post-trade association DACSI, as embodied in an ambitious report, raises the questions, and the Wednesday morning panel served to hint to some of the answers.

Moderator Erik Veerman, Domain Expert Market Infrastructures, ABN AMRO Bank, led panellists …
Alan Cameron, Head of Client Line Advisory, BNP Paribas Securities Services,
Hugo Paul Spanjer, Country Manager Netherlands, Euroclear, and
Ron Berndsen, Professor, Tilburg School of Economics and Managementindependent director, LCH Ltd and SA.

PostTrade 360 Nordic 2024

A detailed PostTrade 360° interview about the original release of the DACSI scenario report can be read here (and then we briefly observed the update this year).

As we know, anything post trade easily gets technical. Have you ever considered a future world where Custody of cryptos is a common good, Post-Trade processing is handled by APIs instead of MT messages, and issuance of tokenised securities become the norm? Or imagine a world where collateral processes are harmonised in the EU and CSDs can operate more freely in Europe, offering their services cross-border?

A session video may appear here with time.

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