The evolution of money – or perhaps revolution – was topic for Accenture’s global blockchain lead John Velissarios as he gave a technology keynote in the opening of PostTrade 360° Stockholm on Thursday morning.

Tokenisation of various assets, not least cash, will open for many new efficiencies across securities operations as well as financial markets at large. John Velissarios summed up the fundamental contribution of tokenization in a very simple way: it ensures that an asset is spent only once.

“This map changes every week,” he says about the world map over countries whose central banks are flirting with the prospects of issuing cash in new, tokenised, shape.


Tokenisation, and the DLT technology behind it could make for safe payments, as well as ensure that the outcomes of shareholder voting actually corresponds to the number of votes out there – not always the case today.

Accenture was recently picked by Sweden’s central bank, Riksbanken, to provide the pilot of the “e-krona”, a central bank digital currency (CBDC).

Another use case or for tokens is in the securities settlement space – to augment traditional platforms for real-time gross settlement, RTGS.

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