The state of adaptation in the financial community, to CSDR’s tight settlement discipline regime, was topic for a panel discussion at the PostTrade 360° Web Summit on Wednesday 3 June. Hear the talk in this half-hour audio file.

It seemed a safe guess, not at all long ago, that the final implementation of CSDR, with its settlement failure fines and mandatory buying, would be the big thing of the year in post trade. Still makes a strong second, though, after … you-know-what.

Panelists were:
Alan Cameron, Head of Brokers Market Strategy, BNP Paribas Securities Services,
Lia Oyman, Market and Regulatory Initiatives, Franklin Templeton Investments, and
Matt Johnson, EMEA Product Mgmt & Industry Relations, DTCC.

PostTrade 360 Nordic 2024

The discussion was led by Sandra Holmqvist, Head of Regulatory Monitoring, SEB.

The session was troubled by technical problems, unfortunately hindering the voice of Craig Stirling, Executive Director Operations at Morgan Stanley, from being heard.

Clockwise from top left: Matt Johnson, Sandra Holmqvist, Alan Cameron and Lia Oyman, in online discussion at the PostTrade 360° Web Summit, 3 June 2020.

(Top image: Dave Lowe / Unsplash)

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