It is time for us to say a thousand thank yous! Gratefully we look back at Wednesday’s groundbreaking PostTrade 360° Web Summit. You – 991 post-trade delegates, 60 speakers and a large team of production pros – made it come true. Most content will now be made available as video.

Here, you find our news posts related to the event. Videos of most sessions will be published openly, this first time, over the coming days or weeks. With time, you will find the videos collected here. Was there a session you missed, or would like to see again? (The agenda is still here.)

Digitalisation is changing how we live and interact, and the covid-19 crisis is speeding it up. Trusting hundreds of private broadband connections was one of the challenges this Wednesday – we apologise for some disturbing effects – and our effort to regain the full experience of live-meeting interaction will continue. This said, we are excited about the possibilities that open up: Both speakers and audience can take part without travelling, enabling more participants, and the content naturally lends itself to being republished as video recordings with a long life.

PostTrade 360 Nordic 2024

For us, coming from physical events, this all has radical effects; stay tuned for the further development of our different platforms, local or global, free-of-charge or premium. Even so, the main message we have wanted to send with this event is one of stability. Whichever way the circumstances may change, we will make sure that the post-trade professional community has a vivid forum in place to stay in touch with each other and with what is going on.

Stay in touch here on the news site, via our weekly newsletter or our LinkedIn flow, and let’s meet again next year if not earlier.

Again, thank you!

Main image: Northern Trust chief economist Carl Tannenbaum shared his macro outlook from across the Atlantic, in Wednesday’s PostTrade 360° Web Summit hosted by Göran Fors in Stockholm.