VIDEO | So how will the next five-year season of our industry show play out on Posttradeflix? On stage in Oslo for last week’s PostTrade 360° conference, Citi’s EMEA strategy director Marcello Topa used the metaphor of a long-running tv series to isolate the theme shifts as the regulatory scenery has developed, and as it continues to do so. See his full session here. 

The session was sponsored by Citi. 

“An economy that works for people” has been an explicit vision under current European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen. In the regulatory space around securities, this has been accompanied by efforts to promote financial union, a digital single market, cyber resilience and ESG principles – through measures with acronyms such as SFTR, Digital finance package components DORA, MiCA, and DLT PR; and the CSDR Refit. Previous five-year periods can be seen as having focused, in 2009–2014, on avoiding another financial crisis, and, in 2014–2019, on strengthening the real economy.

PostTrade 360 Nordic 2024

So what narrative could be in store for the fourth season, starting next year? Marcello Topa’s expectations have “recovery and financing” in focus, as we will have to process recent memories including a pandemic, inflation, war, supply chain dysfunction, climate challenges and de-globalisation. 

“The series is very intriguing and I would highly recommend it if you haven’t watched it!” he exclaims, adding that key elements for success will be collaboration across the ecosystem, open dialogue and willingness to adapt. 

Marcello Topa is EMEA Market Policy and Strategy Director, Citi.

Watch the session video here!

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