VIDEO | Emphasising the similarity, rather than differences, between tokenised assets and the underlying assets that they represent, J.P. Morgan’s Tom Pikett joined PostTrade 360° Oslo to line out some of the use cases where the introduction could produce the biggest net benefits.

The session was sponsored by J.P. Morgan.

For someone who has heard about cryptocurrencies, it may be hard to free oneself from the idea that DLT-enabled tokens are new assets that were not there before. For Tom Pikett, Product Manager of Trading Services with J.P. Morgan, an educational challenge has thus been to point out the simplicity – not complexity – when a token is generated only to represent something that already exists in the real world, such as an existing share. 

PostTrade 360 Nordic 2024

“We are not issuing anything new,” he stresses.

J.P. Morgan’s platform for such tokenisation of existing assets, named Onyx, is put to use for applications where the ease of transfer creates great value. Easy transfers of money-market fund positions can solve problems in situations where it has so far been necessary to redeem cash as a step in the process. And a lot of friction can be saved in repo transactions, with the frequent securities transfers they entail. All in all it enables market participants to actively review their approach to maximize financing opportunities and minimize costs of collateral obligations

Watch the session video here!

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