The EU’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) and its “taxonomy” for sustainable activities were topic for SIX product manager Janine Hofer-Wittwer, in the PostTrade 360° Amsterdam conference. 

[This is an update, now with the video, of the original news post from the conference day, 28 October.]

“If you or your organization has not started yet my advice is to start right away.”


Janine Hofer-Wittwer, senior product manager of Financial Information, SIX, shared her overview and timelines in her Wednesday morning session.

Disclosing sustainability will not be mandatory for corporations under SFDR – they can choose instead to explain why they don’t. But disclosures are increasingly requested by investors and expected to increase with time – with strong effects on both corporations and financial services firms. Some could be up for time pressure.

The EU’s ESG taxonomy is a classification system for sustainable activities. It could take fluffiness out of the sustainability world by making sure people mean specific things by specific words. 

Conference moderator Bastiaan Aalders and Janine Hofer-Wittwer of SIX, at PostTrade 360° Amsterdam 2020.

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