Post-trade professionals know how to tell a never-ending story in four letters. Jette Styrishave Kure, lead legal advisor at VP Securities, mapped out details in the PostTrade 360° Copenhagen conference. See the full-session video.

“I foresee that we will talk about CSDR for a long time ahead”, said Jette Styrishave Kure.

[This is an update, now featuring the video, of our article on Jette Styrishave Kure’s presentation. The original version was published on the first conference day, 23 September.]


Will yearly reviews of CSDs, under CSDR, be like starting over and over again? Among the CSDs there is still worry around how everyday life will be playing out. And this is only one of the examples of how the topic will continue to be in focus also for a long time after the deadline in February 2022 of the settlement discipline regime. 

In her presentation, Jette Styrishave Kure structured her picture around four potential topics in the expected targeted review of CSDR (which is upcoming for implemented aspects even though the discipline regime part is not even live yet). 

• EU passporting, permitting CSDR-licensed CSDs to work across the continent. 

• Settlement in non-domestic currencies. 

• The settlement discipline. 

• Technological innovation, including a pilot regime on DLT market infrastructures.  

Joking about the similarity to a never-ending story, Jette Styrishave Kure urged her audience to be prepared for a long-runner. 

“I hope it will have a happy end for everybody.”

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