VIDEO | “The bird’s view” on Finland’s post trade was topic for the first panel of the PostTrade 360° Helsinki 2022 conference as it got going on Wednesday morning. Nordea’s Janne Palvalin was on the panel with SEB Investor Services’ Saija Korkala and (the CSD) Euroclear Finland’s Kati Honkajuuri-Kokkonen.

The discussion was led by conference moderator Göran Fors, also of SEB Investor Services.

The seven-years-and-counting process of shifting settlement platforms to the pan-European TARGET2-Securities framework is easy to smile at. Yet, the participants seemed to confidently prefer delays, if the alternative would be a not-yet-fully-prepared transition such as the one that took place in Denmark a few years ago.


Janne Palvalin assumed the country has had a longer journey than any other nation in its T2S transition.

“But we are much wiser now than in 2016 so it is time well spent.”

The panelists:
Saija Korkala is Head of Investor Services Finland, SEB
Janne Palvalin is Head of Sector & Infrastructure, Wholesale Banking Operations, Nordea
Kati Honkajuuri-Kokkonen is Chief Administration Officer, Euroclear Finland
Conference moderator Göran Fors is Deputy Head of Investor Services, SEB

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