VIDEO | Euroclear Finland’s chief business officer Anu Puttonen shared a highly positive view of her organisation’s new settlement platform “Infinity” as she met the audience of PostTrade 360° Helsinki at Pörssitalo on Thursday morning.

Continuous settlement from 6 am to 7 pm, a unified CSD system, one consolidated messaging system, harmonised corporate actions, and compatibility with Europe’s emerging Target2-Securities cross-border framework … Anu Puttonen could be part in the case, of course, but if her story is true, her national CSD organisation’s tech makeover was a success.

All instruments and accounts are now in one system.

PostTrade 360 Nordic 2024

“All of this also means that when we do cybersecurity updates, we are in a better position,” said Anu Puttonen, and pointed out that the wealth of data in the system (on investors, issuers, corporate actions …) could be used as a basis for new services.

The system has been provided by giant India-based provider TCS. The geographic distance had pros and cons, but all in all, Anu Puttonen sees the relation with a global system provider as a good starting point for early access to advanced solutions in the future, for example in the space of digital assets.

The session was followed by this panel with Finnish member representatives.

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