[VIDEO] As the PostTrade 360° Amsterdam 2022 conference opened on Thursday morning, in the city’s impressive stock exchange building, the historical role was emphasised both by opening speaker Simone Huis in ‘t Veld, CEO of Euronext Amsterdam, and conference chairman Bastiaan Aalders. While 75 percent of the investments at the exchange today come from abroad, the city stays a favourite for listings in tech, telecoms and media.

Ships to India could bring profitable goods – or sink. While today’s public ventures can look predictable in comparison to those that saw Amsterdam’s equity issuance kicked off in 1602, Amsterdam’s heavyweights are still relatively volatile by today’s standards. Amsterdam’s securities are traded in a shared liquidity pool with the six other exchanges in the Euronext group, and the capital is global, but corporates still see unique reasons to pick one financial location over the other.

Simone Huis in ‘t Veld’s presentation followed on a historical brief by conference chairmain Bastiaan Aalders (and he would chip in more historical elements, such as the drummer boy story in the two-minute video below, through the day). The Amsterdam exchange building where the conference takes place was inaugurated in 1913, putting an end to open-air trading.


Bastiaan Aalders is head of the Netherlands, Asset & Wealth Management Consulting, Alpha Financial Markets Consulting.

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