Norwegian conservative parliamentarian Ove Trellevik asks government to prevent the acquisition of the country’s stock exchange and settlement body.

Small and medium-sized enterprises could suffer worsened financing possibilities if Euronext takes a dominant owner position in Oslo Børs VPS – especially if it gets stuck in a locked position against other remaining owners. This fear is voiced by Ove Trellevik, member of parliament for conservative party Høyre, and reported by Norwegian business daily Dagens Næringsliv.

Asks finance minister to come out

He has now sent a letter to finance minister Siv Jensen, of Høyre’s fellow cabinet party Fremskrittspartiet, questioning her on how she intends to deal with the issue.


Ove Trellevik is skeptical of Oslo Børs VPS becoming part of a major international exchange group. He says statistics show that small companies risk ”drowning in the crowd”.

Experiences ”not good”

”The experiences of exchanges becoming branches are not good. Statistics show that at the national exchanges that have previously been acquired by Euronext, the numbers of listed companies have fallen drastically,” says Ove Trellevik to Dagens Næringsliv.