A slalom world cup winner breaks his back and gets permanently numb from his waist down. Thomas Fogdö decided to face it as a next-level battle – forcing him to deepen his ability to focus on the small steps of progress that eventually sum up to victory. After a challenging year for the world and the industry – let him inspire us at PostTrade 360° Stockholm on 25–26 March.

Meet your difficulties and you will grow. This is one of the main themes throughout the productive work of Thomas Fogdö – a much-appreciated speaker and mental-training expert, and co-author of two books.

Life before and after his trauma in 1995 seem different indeed. Even so, it is the similarities that are in Thomas Fogdö’s focus. Your circumstances will differ, but you can train your ability to take on challenges with a constructive attitude.

PostTrade 360 Nordic 2024

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