Sean George has a double experience of trouble with getting a job. First in the US. Then in Sweden, despite background as a successful Wall Street hedge fund manager. Now he takes revenge by systematically helping young professionals cross the fence. At PostTrade 360° Oslo, he shared his views in a chat with Northern Trust’s Alexis Goldfarb.

Yes, he was afraid before he first spoke out openly about his difficulties to get a job in Sweden. In fact more afraid than when he literally stepped up to Thai-boxing rings in Bangkok, threw himself from airplanes at 10.000 metres or swam with sharks. But his family and surrounding supported him – and it mattered.

Now Sean George – just leaving a CIO position with Strukturinvest – is the one supporting others, taking on interns and coaching students of various backgrounds – pivoting them into position at the most prestigeous financial institutions.


As for the financial industry’s emerging discussion on “ESG” – for environmental, social and governance factors – Sean George takes a positive view on the impact it is currently having at workplaces. Even so, many Scandinavian firms will still have to work hard on the “S” to catch up with how far they have come on the “E”.

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