Across investment operations, sourcing and dealing with data sets is pretty much what fills our work day, isn’t it – a fact that has only been emphasised by recent reforms and trends in the ESG space. Join PostTrade 360° Amsterdam next Thursday, 10 November (or at least this 10:30 session) to spotlight the challenge from four angles. Digital attendance is free.

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On the data panel, we are delighted to host …
Gijs Spijkers, CPO Investment Management & Analytics, VLK Investment Management,
Ward Willemsen, Team Manager Data Management, APG, and
Angie Adams (moderator), Data Consulting Manager, Alpha Financial Markets Consulting.

PostTrade 360 Nordic 2024

Don’t be surprised if their talk comes to go into areas such as …
• what good ESG data management and strategy is about,
• the link between data analytics and business strategy,
• the role of the user in data quality, especially with ESG, and
• the growth of market data costs.

This year, we have the luxury to meet in the classic Amsterdam Exchange building, at the square named after its 400-year-old business: Beursplein.

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This will be the fourth yearly edition of the PostTrade 360° Amsterdam conference (the third held physically).

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