Clients of JP Morgan’s securities services in Denmark will be able to use startup Proxymity’s digital proxy voting solution, meant to cut hassle out of the process.

With the new platform, announcements and agendas can be published directly from issuers to investors. The investors can send their votes in real time, to issuers or their agents, “without the need for manual intervention and receive digital confirmation that their votes have been cast”, all according to Proxymity.

Building on a shared “golden source” available for all parties in real time, rather than the Chinese-whispers game of traditional proxy nominations, new digital technology promises to take friction out of the processes and make it easier for shareholders to exercise their corporate rights. Proxymity does not detail the technical underpinning of its platform, though its golden-source and real-time value propositions are parallel with those common in solutions that are empowered by blockchain or other forms of distributed ledger technology (DLT).

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