They are here to learn from one another, catch up with old friends, and network with new ones. For our community participating in PostTrade 360° Stockholm 2023 today, it’s clearly all about the people.

(Photos: Suvad Mrkonjic / Bildbyrån. In the main picture: Richard Wilson, Marten Sigurd, and Kamal Kannan, all representing S&P Global Market Intelligence.)

From regulatory changes and the state of securities services to how AI is disrupting the industry, PostTrade 360° Stockholm brought up many noteworthy topics that gave all in the audience a lot to think about before even the first coffee break at 10am. As they got a moment to catch their breath after an intensive morning, we mingled with a few members of our community to hear what they have to say.


Cecilia Wiklander, product manager, Euroclear Sweden

What are you looking forward to most at this conference?

Meeting colleagues from different segments in the industry, networking, learning and having fun.

Which of the talks have you enjoyed most so far?

I want to highlight my colleague, Ann-Kristin Fessé, for doing a tremendous job. Also, Arne Martin Moen from Storebrand Asset Management had a lot of exciting things to say about artificial intelligence (AI) and the future.

Martin Ericson, sales manager, Nordea, and Lucas Johansson, product manager, Citi

What are your reasons for attending the conference today?

Lucas Johansson (LJ): To get different perspectives from different financial institutions.

Martin Ericson (ME): Yes, it’s great to see other participants and colleagues, and to touch base with what’s going on with one another.

Which session made an impression on you?

ME: I like what Arne Martin Moen’s session covered about understanding the clients’ needs, the changes they are going through, and how we need to adapt with them and be a provider, not a showstopper.

LJ: Alex Todd from Citi was really good, of course, but I also enjoyed Ann-Kristin Fessé’s session. I liked what she had to say about future changes.

What are you looking forward to for the rest of the event?

ME: I would like to learn more about nuances in the market and also to hear from the client side to understand what they are looking for and how they see themselves evolving.

Karin Nordh, manager settlement and asset services, Euroclear Sweden

What are you hoping to get out of the conference?

I’m hoping to learn, of course, and to enjoy interesting sessions. I’m also here to support Euroclear and to hear my colleague Ann-Kristin Fessé speak.

How has your experience been so far?

Very good. I’ve met many people, from clients to stakeholders, that I don’t see very often. It’s a great get-together.

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