As we steered for a coffee in the second-day morning break of the Stockholm conference on Thursday, we had the pleasure to bump into Anne Thelin and Caroline Broman of If Insurance, Helen Jia from Skandiabanken, Swedbank’s Caroline Söderberg and Jan Palm, and Peter Falk from Leanon. Lean in!

(Photos: Suvad Mrkonjic / Bildbyrån. In the opening image: Anne Thelin (left), back office specialist, and Caroline Broman, head of back office, If Insurance.)

Why are you here today?


Caroline Broman (CB): We are here to see where the market is heading and the trends that are coming up.

Anna Thelin (AT): To mingle and meet people in the industry!

What are you looking forward to the most for the rest of the day?

CB: The session that’s coming up after lunch at 13:30 (Mats Lewan’s keynote titled: The past year’s gigantic leap for AI in the public eye, and where we should go now). It stood out for me.

How has your experience of the event been so far?

AT: This is my first time at a PostTrade 360° event. It has been good. It’s interesting and you get to meet a lot of people.

Helen Jia, corporate actions, Skandiabanken

What are you hoping to get out of this event?

We (Skandiabanken) have connections with some of the big partners at this event, such as Euroclear, for example, so I’m here to hear insider opinions on how the financial market will develop. With the events we have been seeing in the last few months, there are risks for banks and I want to know how we should react to them. And of course, I’m also here to get inspiration!

Which part of the event have you enjoyed the most?

The first talk of today (Colin Parry’s opening keynote titled: This is where securities services are heading, and why) mentioned risks in emerging markets. I have my background in China, so I am coming from an emerging market where there are a lot of changes and, if you are away for just a few months, you will come back to huge developments. Here in Sweden, it’s not moving as fast since it is developed. So how could we achieve the same growth as the emerging markets that are very active?

What are you looking forward to for the rest of the day?

Connecting with more people, getting more insight on questions that I may not have thought of in my everyday work, meeting different partners, and seeing what insights they will bring.

Caroline Söderberg, product specialist, Jan Palm, agile product owner (both Swedbank), and Peter Falk, account manager, Leanon

Are you regulars at PostTrade 360° conferences?

Caroline Söderberg (CS): It’s my first time at a PostTrade 360° event. I joined Swedbank three years ago. This is a networking event for me and an opportunity to get to know the business better.

Jan Palm (JP): It’s my third time at a PostTrade 360° conference. I work in this sector of the industry, so it’s something I do regularly.

Peter Falk (PF): It’s my first time at a PostTrade 360° conference, but I’ve been involved in similar events in Stockholm in previous years. This is my first conference since the pandemic!

What are you looking to learn here today?

CS: To get to know the latest and greatest from the industry, and the new trends and topics that are relevant going forward.

Which session have you enjoyed the most so far?

JP: I enjoyed the session by Arne Martin Moen from Storebrand Asset Management yesterday. It was a really good presentation.

PF: The Market Risk Panel [titled “There’s a dangerous world out there”], particularly when they got into topics that are a little touchy, such as ethics, was interesting.

What are you looking forward to for the rest of today?

CS: The panel discussion coming up about rare flowers [titled “Rare flowers. The growing challenge of attracting talent to operations and keeping team members’ skills current].

PF: More networking. It’s good to see people after the pandemic.

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