“Reducing the operational risk and complexity of managing alternative assets” was topic for a panel at PostTrade 360 Amsterdam.

The risk of e-mailed PDF documents being hacked is one danger facing those who handle the post-trade activities of alternative assets. Sure, they could be password protected, or put in locked folders – but that could cause hurtful operational costs when the numbers are in hundreds.

This was one of the messages from the panelists on stage for the Thursday morning session at Amsterdam’s Eye Film Institute were …
Vincent Spraakman, business change consultant, Business Architecture & Design, PGGM Investments,
Mark Baak, director with Privium Fund Management, and
Benjamin Versluijs, business development manager at Northern Trust.


The discussion was led by Bastiaan Aalders, Dutch CEO of Alpha FMC and overall moderator of the conference day.

No equivalent to Swift

The lack of standardisation on many fronts in the alternative assets field is a constant challenge.

“What is a ’job’, for example in many emerging markets?” Mark Baak asked.

“These metrics you need to report … If many portfolio managers need to interpret numbers before they are registered in a system you get garbage in, garbage out.”

PostTrade 360 Amsterdam took place on 14 November, at the Eye Film Institute. The agenda can be found here, and our editorial coverage will be gathered here.