We wrote last year about the scenario outlook by the Netherlands’ securities industry association DACSI – meant to mentally prepare stakeholders for whatever may come. Now, the report is updated with what we have learnt from life under covid-19. This is how you can get across the report, free of charge.

“A turbulent year has passed; the probabilities of the scenarios and their envisaged impact have changed; the developments still require every actor to follow them closely,” writes ING senior and DACSI board member Ben Van Der Velpen in a LinkedIn post, through which the 17-page scenario paper can also be downloaded. (Alternatively, DACSI offers to send the report to interested readers upon request at secretariat@dacsi.nl.)

A year ago, in connection with PostTrade 360° Amsterdam 2020, we published this interview about DACSI’s scenario effort, with chairman Henk Brink. In that interview article, you also find Henk’s half-hour presentation about it as a video from the conference.


This year, PostTrade 360° Amsterdam 2021 will again see us unite physically at the Eye Filmmuseum, on 13 October. The agenda is still to be revealed, but our registration for tickets is already open, whether for your physical attendance or your digital participation via your web browser.